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2,127 Students HaveTested Positive For Covid-19

2,127 Students HaveTested Positive For Covid-19

Since school started, an estimated 2,217 understudies have tested positive for Covid in 351 schools across the country.

Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, Chief General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), informed the media about the situation yesterday at the Information Ministry in Accra.

He stated that three understudies were admitted to the Achimota School sickbay with flu-like symptoms between June 14 and 16, 2021..

He stated that each of the three understudies was tested for Covid-19 in accordance with established procedures, and all of them tested positive, prompting the formation of the Greater Accra and Okaikoi North Municipal Public Health Emergency Rapid Response Teams of the Ghana Health Service.


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The GHS supervisor also stated that once the understudies left conventions, they were limited, and that other likely understudies and contacts were identified, recorded, and tested for Covid-19.

“As of July 3, 2021, 843 understudies and staff had been tested,” he said. “There are 348 boarding understudies, 459 day understudies, and 36 instructing and non-showing staff.”

He said the Achimota School had 135 complete positive tests out of the 550 results that were available.

He noted that there were 96,402 total cases registered in Ghana at the time, with 93,987 recoveries.

He said that the total number of tests performed, including those from the Kotoka International Airport, was 1,297,568.

According to him, there were 1,619 dynamic cases, and overall inspiration was 7.4%, with an aggregate of 796 passings up to this time.

Dr. Kuma-Aboagye reported that 80 cases per day were being recorded in Ghana, and that Covid-19 instances have been spreading across Africa.

According to him, there are 3.7 million instances registered across the landmass, with 91,000 passings.


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