5 things you should never do to win over a woman.

Here are five things men should never do in order to win over a lady.

Regardless of how much you love a lady, there are some things you should never do just to win her over.

Making your girlfriend happy is your duty as a guy, but there should be boundaries. As a man, you have an ego to protect, so you shouldn’t let a woman wreck it or use you just because you love her.

Never engage in these five behaviors to win a woman over:

1. Cover her tuition costs
Never foot the bill for a woman’s education unless she is your wife. While she is at school, it is acceptable to assist and support her, but paying for everything is a big NO. However, don’t assume that she will always owe you money if you feel obliged to do so. Even after all your work, she might as well decide to love someone else since people change.

2. Convict her of a crime
Do not steal or act foolishly only to appease her if you cannot support her extravagant lifestyle. If she truly cares for you, she will accept your financial situation and won’t demand that you take care of her money problems.

3. Subordinate your needs to hers.
You ought to treat yourself with a little amount of selfishness unless it’s absolutely required. You simply cannot send her money so that she can buy food while you go without. You can possibly share what little you have with her, but never give up everything you have to appease her.

4. Set your dreams aside
Keep in mind that you had your own goals and desires before you met her. Despite the fact that she does not like what you are doing, keep pursuing them. The last thing you would want to do is decide against studying abroad because she would find it uncomfortable. If she can’t wait, let her be, but never give up on your goals just to win a woman over.

5. Show disdain for your family
Women are particularly cunning when they are aware of your undying love for them and your willingness to do anything to keep them around. Some will make an effort to distance you from your family by demonstrating how awful they are. Only your family will be left behind if she ever decides to leave you. Therefore, do not sever your family ties just to please her.

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