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7 ways to make someone smile


Do you want to see someone’s face light up with a smile?

Maybe you brightened their day a little? It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time or money.

Many activities, in fact, can be done as part of your regular routine for less or no money. Because smiles are contagious, you never know how many people will be encouraged by your kindness. With a smile on your face, try one or more of these 7 approaches today.

  1. Write a note of encouragement to someone who has helped you or who needs it. Handwritten notes that inspire rather than simply thank someone for a gift are uncommon. This adds to the uniqueness of handwritten notes. Begin a new practice of sitting down and jotting down your thoughts.
  2. Take your friend out to lunch or invite them to a meal at your house. You’ll come to know each other better than you ever have before. If you want to do anything extra, hold a party for a group of pals and grin a lot.
  3. Write someone a letter of encouragement. You’ll feel good about it; reading a book can transform a person, and they’ll remember you every time they read it.
  4. See if you can look after a friend’s or relative’s child(ren) during the day or evening. If you’ve ever been a parent, you know how crucial it is to be able to have some “adult time” without having to worry about your kids. Don’t wait until you’re asked to look after youngsters. Offer to do it when the parent is free to do something enjoyable and pleasant.
  5. Take food to someone you know who is ill or going through a difficult time. We’ve all been sick, and we understand how difficult it is to get out of bed. There are times when life is challenging and it is difficult to do all of the daily tasks. You can make a significant contribution by donating food that you appreciate.
  6. It’s time to commit to helping your church or a local charity. Every minute you donate to the church or organization’s website will bring a smile to many people’s faces. You will make each leader’s day by assisting them without being asked. You’ll also be putting a smile on the faces of people who have benefited from the organization’s assistance.
  7. Thank everyone for their unwavering support throughout the day. The list of contacts goes on and on. Remember relatives and friends, secretaries, coworkers, teachers, Sunday teachers, teachers, retail employees, housekeepers, gas station attendants, mail and newspaper delivery personnel, and restaurant waiters.

I realize this is a list of seven methods to make someone happy.

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