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A Call To Awaken – Message to the World

A Call To Awaken – Message to the World

A Call To Awaken – Message to the World

Well.. Around the time of Purim in March, 2020. I was in my prayer room after my family went to bed. That’s normally my time to unload and get into Jesus’ presence. The whole Purim holiday was like when the Holy Spirit would come into the room, the air was so heavy.

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Meanwhile, Ghana police stormed at LGBT meeting.

The Vision

I would go straight to my knees and by the end, on my face. It would be like he was sitting in the chair in the room, but I was so overcome with a weighty love, I was afraid to even look up in fear that the son of God would be standing in front of me. (I’ve learned how to get myself still and not rush out of God’s presence when I encounter him).

I had the same encounter every night for about a week. Like Joshua, I was lying in God’s glory. The first 3 nights, he would talk to me about his scriptures and how to nourish myself with his words. After those first 3 minutes, he began telling me about an ideology that is destroying the nation. God let me know that marxism was at every nation’s front door.

He told me he needed all of us to stand up for his children and showed me babies in wombs, and young children. He told me that if we as a nation are to fight to stop the murder of the unborn, he would show me the evil of immoral men, the demonic agenda at hand, and, worst of all, he would lead me to see the horrific truth of child traffickers and child ritual abuse that is taking place. A simple search phrase “the missing three” before Google covered it up. Those 3 words would wake up any parent.

Never ending reports of missing children ages 3 to 17. My wife thought I was losing it. I asked how could I have not already seen the need to stop human trafficking. Why was God showing me this?

This is all in the same week. I believe it is day 5 of Purim. Before time to go pray. Also felt like God was saying come be alone with me. I asked my wife if she could put our son to bed so I could go pray. As soon as I opened the room door, the Holy Spirit waits. I got on my knees and crawled in, in honor. The first three nights comes peaceful and joyful, and I mostly laugh with delight at God’s awesomeness.The 4th night comess with serious occurence. He was explaining new things to me. I was hesitant in response to his words.

About the rest of the Purim

The rest of Purim, on the other hand, was heartbreaking.To feel God’s heart being in agony over one child that was being taken and because of destroyers ripping the soul of God’s child into a torn personality, a split soul. I can survive the sorrow that Jesus bears over the injustice done to the innocent. All I could do was tell him I was sorry. I wanted to feel responsible. To carry this burden. But he said no.

He demonstrated this to me in order for his favor to return over the nations.We had to expose and stop the accepted murder of the innocent.  He claimed to have given us four years of peace and that the people of the world acted arrogantly, proudly, and without repentance.He declared that he would demolish his peace wall and that harsh punishment would be meted out to the common man.

That the most government in the world especially American government would be infiltrated and compromised. He said that this would continue and get worse until the ideology of Marxism/socialism became an extinct idea. I felt like it had been a few years of persicution, but I frequently get dates and times wrong. He showed me a terror attack in the middle East. I saw women, children, and young boys under rubble and buildings collapsing. Isn’t this A Call To Awaken – Message to the World.

Converted Muslims Will follow Jesus

He displays me that converted Muslims who follow Jesus will be men’s shields, and many other things, and I asked if there could be as few unbelievers as possible killed in these attacks, so that they could receive Jesus before leaving here. I believe GOD has saved many lives that would have died if one prayed. This vision is emotional to me. And the reason God says: the attack is going to be covered up as political. But it was over religious extremism. He then told me that he had won and that he had postponed the D.

The government of socialism will be blows away by people like Win D at the Supreme Court. He said that America would build a new government by the people. There is so much more, but I’m past the part I was led to type.

A Call To Awaken – Message to the World

Love your family.

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