A Level 400 GIJ student leaves a suicide note After losing $200K in forex trading

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After losing $200K in forex trading, a Level 400 GIJ student leaves a suicide note.


Nancy Asante Bannor, a level 400 student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), has written an impassioned statement announcing her suicide after allegedly losing $200,000.00 in Forex trading.

Nancy Asante Bannor, according to sources, has mastered forex trading and has become a trusted agent for many of her acquaintances, including members of her church.

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However, she awoke in the middle of the night to find that they had lost a significant amount of money.

Fast forward to Nancy Asante Bannor writing her suicide note and defecting from her hostel, revealing that she is unable to commit suicide at either the dorm or her home.

‘I don’t know what the night has in store for me or what awaits me, but the only thing I ask for now is death and nothing else,’ she wrote in a suicide note. Please pray for God’s forgiveness and, if possible, a second opportunity. I couldn’t kill myself at home, which is why I returned, and I won’t be able to do it here either.t Please forgive me.’ was contacted by a friend.

They are surprised by the incident because the victim is a peaceful person.

“She’s a nice buddy and a good girl.” She is a terrific student and is well-behaved. Her parents were told of the incident, and her father advised her to return home, but she has yet to do so. She claims that the persons for whom she invested the money “do not believe that the money is missing, and they now suspect her.”

Meanwhile, the incident has been reported to the Adabraka police department, which is conducting an inquiry.

Take a look at the note below;


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