“Abre O Canal,” a new Amapiano crowd-pleaser from DJ Tárico and Yuri Da Cunha,

DJ Tárico and Yuri Da Cunha, no fire!!!!

“Abre O Canal,” a new Amapiano crowd-pleaser from DJ Tárico and Yuri Da Cunha,

Thanks to some outstanding vocals from his new partner, Angolan music legend Yuri Da Cunha, “Abre O Canal,” which just left DJ Tárico’s studio, is a strong contender for the biggest Amapiano song of the month.

In Africa, DJ Tárico is quickly emerging as the artist to rely on for incredible collaborations. The Mozambican is now a force to be reckoned with, as demonstrated by his recent contribution to Mr. Eazi’s song “Patek.” There is no doubt that his clever production helped propel the song into Apple Music’s global chart, an accomplishment that only continues getting better. This seasoned DJ’s star power helps to portray his new project with his fellow Lusophone star in a favorable manner.

The song “Abre O Canal,” which translates to “open the doors/canals,” is a crowd-pleaser that will quickly take over any dance floor and spawn new DJ Tárico-inspired dance trends online. It exudes the ideal African ambiance as Yuri Da Cunha’s exotic vocals flow over a dynamic array of wood percussion loops. The “Yaba Buluku” star man also consistently dispels the misconception that there is a linguistic barrier. By only using the rhythms of his percussive instruments to speak to his listeners’ bodies, he once again demonstrates his skill as a communicator.

After learning of his nominations for “Best African DJ” and “Best Artist in Southern Africa,” DJ Tárico is entering AFRIMA ’22 with excitement and confidence. Of course, the song also provides dance enthusiasts and social media content creators with something to enjoy.

Here is a link to “Abre O Canal,” which is accessible on all digital streaming services worldwide: https://djtarico.ffm.to/abre-o-canal

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