Home NEWS As the Afghan crisis strains US ties, the United Kingdom fights for...

As the Afghan crisis strains US ties, the United Kingdom fights for influence.

Afghan crisis strains US ties

In the wake of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, there are hopes that an assertive “Global Britain” will become a key global power.

A deadline for the US effort to evacuate thousands of Americans, Afghans, and others from Kabul is the biggest stumbling issue ahead of an emergency summit of Group of Seven leaders on Tuesday.

The U.K.’s “special relationship” with its most significant partner, the United States, has been weakened by the chaotic evacuation of Western military forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s quick control of the country. London’s inability to influence Washington’s direction thus far is likewise a setback for the United Kingdom.

Officials from the United Kingdom accept the limits of their power, stating that the airlift will terminate when American forces leave.


“We have previously discussed sticking with other NATO countries, but it has not proven to be a viable option,” Johnson’s spokesman, Max Blain, said. “We’ll have to leave the airport at the same time as the Americans,” says the narrator.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who has labeled the US-Taliban accord that set the Aug. 31 deadline a “mistake,” seemed nearly imploring when he said that if Biden delayed the operation “even by a day or two,” it would give them “an extra day or two to evacuate civilians.”

“Because we’re down to hours now, not weeks, and we don’t have time to waste,” says the narrator.


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