Captain Smart Heavily Descends on Pastors Planning 7Days Fasting and Prayers on the Galamsey Menace; Details Dropped-CHECK.

Illegal mining known as Galamsey is such a huge problem that it seems Ghana as a country cannot fight and the state institutions vested with powers to enforce laws lament that some people within the system are making it impossible and impeding their efforts to fight the menace.

After several failed physical attempts to bring this illicit act to a stop, another strategy has been found and renowned preacher’s men are about to start 7 days of national fasting and praying. This is a spiritual way to combat illegal mining.

According to Captain Smart, these renowned preachers deem it necessary to offer prayers to a divine being to grant the President the ability to curb this issue which is affecting water bodies and vegetation.

The mourning show host disclosed that he is very much disappointed with the preacher’s and made it emphatically clear that no amount of prayers can change things if the masses don’t want to change their minds.

He expressed his satisfaction with his church, the church of Pentecost because they were part of this whole exercise.

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