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China unveils the world’s fastest train.

China unveils the world's fastest train.

In Qingdao, China, a maglev slug train capable of reaching speeds of 600 kilometers per hour (373 miles per hour) was unveiled.

It was built by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation and is considered the world’s fastest train.

“Maglev” is a type of “attractive levitation,” in which the train appears to be “skimming” over the tracks due to an electromagnetic force that propels it forward.

Liang Jianying, CRRC Sifang’s delegate senior supervisor and boss designer, told Chinese state media that despite its speed, the train creates low levels of clamor contamination and requires less maintenance.

The development of China’s incredible rapid rail system in the past, present, and future

In China, a typical high-speed train travels at roughly 350 kilometers per hour, while jets go at 800-900 kilometers per hour. Trains, such as the one discovered this week in Qingdao, may occupy a basic central space.

The new maglev train in China is expected to reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour.

In 2019, the media were shown a replica of the next maglev train. That same year, China announced plans to build “three-hour transit circles” between major metropolitan areas.

China currently has only one commercial maglev line, which connects Shanghai’s Pudong Airport to the city’s Longyang Road station. The 30-kilometer (19-mile) journey takes about seven and a half minutes, with the train reaching speeds of 430 kilometers per hour (267 mph).

Anyway, one thing is preventing this train from being ready to meet suburbanites: a lack of completed maglev track organizations.

A couple new maglev networks are rumored to be in the works, including one that connects Shanghai and Hangzhou.

On June 25, the 270-mile rail link between Lhasa and Nyingchi was inaugurated, allowing all locations in central China access to quick train travel.

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