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How to Choose Your Dream and achieve Success


You might have confused the title “Choose your Dream and Chase your own Passion” like whether we need to follow our passion or dreams. Okay, now let me change it. “Have a Dream make it your Passion and Chase it” This sounds good right!!

I would like to explain this with a short story: choose your dream and chase your dream

Now let us dive into the topic. First, let me tell you about why we need to have dreams in our lives and what is the purpose of it?

Story: Once, Albert Einstein boarded a train in Germany after a long day at work. He was so exhausted that he quickly dozed off to sleep. A few minutes later, he found himself woken up by the ticket examiner. When asked for his ticket, Einstein quickly let his hand rummage through his pockets one by one, only to discover that his ticket was indeed missing.

He was terrified and all the more upset and embarrassed.

It did not take long for the ticket inspector to recognize the man before him. To avoid further embarrassment, he politely told Einstein he recognized him and that he was willing to help. You are always busy and of great respect. Don’t bother about finding your ticket. Just let me know where you are going and I will write a fresh ticket for you, “he offered.


But Einstein would have none of this. He kept on searching his pockets, his bags, his books and his files. The ticket examiner waited patiently for a while. Realizing the poor plight of Einstein as he was no where close to finding his ticket, he stepped in and assured Einstein “I am sure you misplaced your ticket some where” and offered to help him once again. At this, Einstein looked up to the inspector and said: “Young man, my problem is not that I have lost my ticket. My problem is that I don’t know where l am headed to. I need to see the ticket to know where I am supposed to go”. Now who in the world can help Einstein? Not a thousand ticket inspectors willing to offer assistance can.

By this incident, it was clearly exposed that purpose and plan are more important than the resources to make it happen.

Yes, when a dream is born, you get a sure direction to pursue and also it gives focus for the future.

You can not achieve your dream by sleeping.

Make your Dream as your Passion

Passion is nothing but an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

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Why do we need to make our dream a passion?

choose your dream and chase
Chase your dream.

Here, I would like to include the real life incidents of a great person who is none other than Sundar Pichai, the great CEO of Google and Alphabet.

Do you guys ever think of why and how Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google and Alphabet and what made him become a successful person in the world?

It is nothing but his passion towards technology.

Is passion only for people who are rich?

“Choose your Dream and Chase your own Passion”

Absolutely not. In one video, Sundar Pichai himself has said that he needs to spend his father’s one year’s salary to buy tickets for his journey from India to the US to do his MS.

From this incident, it is clearly understood that passion is not only for the rich.

What could’ve happened if he thought that “it is really needed or necessary to spend our father’s one year salary just to buy a ticket for a single journey”?

Without a doubt, he would never become the CEO of Google or Alphabet.

One thing we all should learn is the hard work and dedication towards his career, which helps to work productively and makes him not to waste his father’s money as well.

Yes, Sundar Pichai’s passion towards technology made him a successful and excellent person in this world.

Now let us interconnect dreams with passion to achieve our success. So have a dream, make it your passion and chase it.

Even if you have a dream but are unable to realize it, your passion is analogous to a vehicle without an engine.

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