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Chosing between online and offline education, What do we choose as part of our lives?


All of us know that in these tough times of pandemic, we are;
We are unable to leave our homes, and if we do, we are under duress and fear. Therefore, the world has turned towards online education as a way to deal with the situation. But the question is, is it really profitable to prefer online education? Of course, it has aided us to control the chain of infection, but is this all we have to deal with?

No! Not at all. Everything has pros and cons! And, as part of the drawbacks of the online method, we also have to take care of the health of our beloved ones. This system has aided many students and employees. staff to continue their studies and work from home respectively.
However, it harms these students’ health working class. It has led to damage to the eyes of these people which is progressively increasing.

This is something called digital eye strain. It leads to itchy eyes, redness in the eyes, headache, double vision Blurred vision, and irritation in the eyes. In a few, it may lead to permanent visual impairment. The harmful effects of these electronic devices are due to some radiation emitted by them. These are short wavelengths and high-energy blue rays. But as a part of our modern lives, we

These must be run concurrently. One method to reduce eye strains is that we can use blue-cut lenses. These cut 98 percent of the rays falling on my eyes. These have an effect on our brain as well as our eyes damaging and deteriorating effect. It also alters the psychological ability and mental capability of the brain.

Continued screen hours can also alter the internal sleep cycle of a person and can lead to insomnia. In simple terms, Insomnia is a lack of sleep that causes a person to become hyperactive irritated and it also leads to alteration in behavior, especially in children. It also has adverse effects on the social life of a person sitting in front of the screen for long hours can also lead to obesity.

Obesity, in turn, can cause other serious health problems, such as Coronary artery disease due to the formation of a fat plug inside the artery, myocardial infarction, ischemia, and heart attack. These are the serious situations we have to deal with.

On the other hand, Offline classes and work rarely have these negative consequences, but it raises the possibility, the risk of infection in a pandemic. We can’t leave our homes and roam around until we get over the danger of this deadly virus.

However, if we prefer offline gatherings, it can be prevented by taking proper precautions. Use sanitizers regularly or wash your hands with soap (if possible) for at least 20 seconds. Wear masks regularly and properly. It should be worn in this way.

To cover my nose and mouth. Maintain your social distance and avoid touching your face without washing your hands. This is how we can break the viral chain. According to my, one has a better understanding of a particular topic in offline classes as a teacher can regularly keep an eye on students. So, as I said, both have pros and cons. Now, it depends on us which method we choose!

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