“Dead Man” Returns Home Just After His Burial Made Mourners Run For Their Lives

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After a man who was thought to have died returned home during his burial, a spectacular episode occurred.


Kangrok traveled to a nearby town to hustle and then vanished, never to be seen again. Kangrok’s rotting body had been noticed at the market by vegetable traders, and relatives began hunting for him.

As a result, arrangements for his funeral had to be made. The decomposing body was determined to be that of a male relative who had bee

During his burial, Kangrok, a livestock merchant, reappeared. They put the mourners who had assembled at the “dead man’s” house into a fleeing situation.

He talked, though, and erased any remaining doubts that he was still alive. The man says in the interview that he had a hard time persuading people that he wasn’t really dead. Despite his attempts to convey the issue to his family, he believes they are still in shock, leaving him speechless.

After returning from his daily routine, the man claims he went to see his buddies who live a long way away. When he returned to his village, some of the residents told him that he was dead and that his spirit was roaming the streets.

What would you have done if you were this man, and who do you believe should be blamed here, him or his family?


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