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Drake Is Using Covid-19 As An Excuse To Avoid Being Trolled By Fans Who are upset over his strange hair.


Rapper Drake made a hilarious statement on Instagram about how his hair is growing in “strange,” and fans are mocking him for it.

Last year, the viral Covid 19 epidemic swept the globe, leaving people with symptoms such as fever, loss of taste, chills, and a bad smell, among others.

After fans decided to shame him on the gram for his strange hair, the rapper is now seeking sympathy with explanations that he was diagnosed with the virus.
Drake alleges that the Covid 19 virus can cause one’s hair to grow in a “strange” way, claiming that he got the virus after fans decided to tease him with a photo of him with the hair.

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This came up after a photo of Drake recording his song “Certified Lover Boy” went viral on social media, with people mocking the rapper for the heart pattern in his hair.

The rapper from Toronto stated that he is getting the design corrected, but that it grew that way because he caught the viral Covid-19 virus.

He stated:

“I had Covid, That shit grew in weird I had to start again, it’s coming back don’t diss”


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