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Efia Odo and her guy Doing It In A Nightclub in a video that has surfaced online | Watch

Efia Odo and her guy
Efia Odo and her guy

Efia Odo is a rising Ghanaian celebrity who was discovered having love to her partner in a nightclub in a video. People go to night clubs to entertain themselves and escape from their problems, but Afia Odo’s goal, according to the video, was to do something different.

This is the kind of mentality that some of our emerging celebrities have, which is often inappropriate for public display. It is also inappropriate for a young lady like Afia Odo, who is not married, to behave in this manner in public. She should not enable boys to have inappropriate access to her body.

Some young people were also dancing and having a good time in the video that was shared on social media. Afia Odo was observed escorting her boyfriend to a separate location within the same nightclub in order to play romance with him.


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