Fameye, DopeNation, Mr Drew, Kofi Bentil, and others have been announced as nominees for the Western Music Awards 2021.

The organizers have named Fameye, Dopenation, Mr Drew, Naf Kassi, Naana Blu, Aya Ramzy, FNF, Kweysi Swat, Navah, Trey Zee, Hyundu, Nero X, and Kofi Bentil as performers.

“The performers were selected from a carefully inspected pool of Artistes from the Region to fulfill the desired purpose of this year’s edition,” said Nana Kwesi Coomson, the Public Relations Officer of the Western Music Awards, in its fifth edition.

The organizers of the Western Music Awards have also revealed that Hon. Wilson Arthur, media mogul, and two others will be honored for their contributions to the region’s Creative Arts industry, with this year’s edition dubbed “The Power of Music.”

“Because we have a special connection to Castro, some of the Artistes have been enlisted to sing a cover of one of his songs. At the very least, each genre was considered.

Mr. Coomson concluded, “We always endeavor to give patrons the best experience each year, therefore measures are in place to make this year’s event historic than past editions.”

At the presentation, outstanding individuals will receive honors in twenty-six (26) categories and three honorary awards.

The awards ceremony, which will be broadcast on all social media accounts under the name ‘Western Music Awards – Ghana,’ is set to begin at 7 p.m. and will last four hours.

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