Female Pastor Mistakenly Drops Her Nvdes In Her Company’s Whatapp Group [Watch Video]

A young female pastor inadvertently shared a viral video intended for her lover to her company’s WhatsApp group, which reportedly included every employee, including the Managing Director.

The young lady pastor is also a Human Relations Manager (HR) at the Corporate firm in the company, according to information gathered by Kuofimaxdotnet.com, your trusted social stories website.

According to a close friend of the young pastor (servant of God), her motivation for sending the video was to spice up her relationship with her lover, as it is believed that sending Nudes to your partner improves relationships.

According to her colleague, who made this public, the lady pastor was always acting superior to them and didn’t want to associate with some of them because, in her opinion, they were sinners because of how they left their families.

Henceforth, it came as a surprise to see the lady being a freak in a video she mistakenly shared with her entire colleagues that was purposely for her lover.

With this story it is really bad to be sending your Nudes to your partners and if you are in this acts our advice to you is that you will put a stop to it.

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