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‘For men’: See How Banana Can Boost Your Blood Circulation And Make Your Live Long


The good news, eating bananas daily is known to boost blood circulation which is key for your survival. But how?

Every man and for that matter, every human needs effective blood circulation for survival. An efficient blood flow solves most health problems including boosting your performance as a man during bedroom play. As a man, if you will get the stamina to go many rounds, it depends on how your blood flows from your heart to all part of your body especially your reproductive parts, hence, bananas should be on your diet list.

Bananas contain a wide range of important nutrients including vitamins, dietary fibre, protein, fat, carbs and many others. Also, bananas contain an appreciable amount of potassium, sodium, magnesium and iron which all works together to improve heart health, reduce the risk of kidney diseases and regulate blood sugar levels.

Despite the many incredible minerals contained in banana, one which we will talk about today in this article is Iron.
Iron vs Blood Circulation


Our lives depend very much on iron for healthy blood circulation. When you are iron deficient, there is a high chance of getting Anemia – a health condition in which blood lacks adequate healthy red blood cells.

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Iron are those compounds that help the red blood cells to absorb oxygen, that is haemoglobin. The absorbed oxygen is then transported to all part of the body starting from the heart to the brain and also to your reproductive organs.

How Many Bananas Should You Eat?

According to USDA, one small and medium-sized banana contains about 0.3mg of iron whiles a large-sized one contains 0.4mg per serving. This amount makes up 2% of the daily value of iron that is recommended.
This might seem like a low value which of course is, however, the amount of iron that an individual need depends on some factors such the age, gender, status and others. In a nutshell, The Office of Dietary Supplements recommends 8mg for men, 8mg for old women, 18mg for non-pregnant women, 9mg for lactating women.

As a Man;

To reach the 8mg daily value, you will have to eat more bananas about 10-15 large-sized ones per day. You can also get some of your irons from other iron-containing fruits.

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