Ghana requires the president of the National Tennis Center.

Ghana requires

At the recently concluded media meeting with the media at the Accra City Hotel, International Tennis Federation (ITF) President David Haggerty advised the Ghana Tennis Federation to concentrate on constructing a National Tennis Center.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. David Haggerty stated that Ghana is a large country with a rich culture and athletic history, which is why we are here to advance the sport. To grow the game, the GTF should concentrate on constructing a National Tennis Center.

Tarak Cherif, president of the Confederation of African Tennis (CAT), also gave a speech at the news conference. He stated that we will talk about everything on the agenda, including the CAT constitution, financial report, annual report from the CAT president, and annual report on the organization’s operations.

One of the CAT vice presidents and president of the Botswana Tennis Federation, Mr. Nelson Amanze, reportedly stated, “We will ensure that each country has its coaching development strategy.” Whether they focus on development, intermediate, or elite coaching will determine this. The programs they will create, according to Amanze, will be in accordance with those of the International Tennis Association (ITF).

“I could feel the potential of the people because after the stroll this morning I understood that Ghana is gifted with numerous of abilities, which is why I urge the GTF to focus on the National Tennis Center,” ITF President David Haggerty said in his closing remarks.

According to CAT President Tarak Cherif, playing tennis facilitates thinking and aids in mental development.

The participation of the ITF/CAT AGM meetings, according to CAT Vice President Mr. Nelson Amanze, will increase youth interest in the sport.

Isaac Aboagye Duah, president of the GTF, thanked Mr. David Haggerty, Tarak Cherif, vice president of the CAT, Nelson Amanze, ITF Development Officer Amine Ben Makhlouf, other African federation presidents, and members of the GTF Executive Board.

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