Ghanaians Blasts Nana Addo for saying ‘sika mp3 dede’

Most Ghanaians, who had been soundly sleeping before Nana Addo’s iconic “sika mp3 dede” speech, are now enraged.

In his highly anticipated speech to the country yesterday, Nana Addo omitted to outline the specific steps that would have been required to address the cedi’s depreciation and the hot economic environment.

To make matters worse, he chose to highlight some nebulous accomplishments, provided no actual answers, and overtly warned Ghanaians to keep quiet because “sika mp3 dede,” which roughly translates as “money doesn’t like noise,” was going on.

As complained by the majority of Ghanaians, Nana Addo’s comments were incredibly disrespectful.

Because he is discreetly refusing to accept responsibility for the instability we are currently experiencing and instead criticizing Ghanaians for talking outspokenly about the country’s economic woes.

Read a few of the well-liked remarks gathered beneath the trendy “sika mp3 dede” remarks;

@Teyiwayola – I can’t believe you’d say this after what you caused. When was the last time you bought milk?

@Franksrafo9 – You guys made more noise about our currency than anyone. It’s your mismanagement not the talk. Indeed, things have fallen apart. Awurade hu GH Mobo. As3m ben koraa nie.

@Adjoa Dixon – When you were in opposition, you said y3 tsi so , now the money we’re sitting on doesn’t like noise eei

@Michaeladiko – If like sika mp3 d3d3,like will you be moving around this country with 50 land cruisers with one carrying your chair,with all the noise that comes with it? Pls stop insulting yourself. You had a good chance to inspire hope in us,but u blew it. Very empty Mr president. Do better

@Ntoggn – Hw3 Kasa Finn paaa man no keka eiii you get Vhim dey give we proverb for French inside herh

@No1stan – Has this account been hacked or something? After your speech you’ve tweeted a whole lot of non6s

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