Ghana’s Teacher Licensure Examination Will See Major Changes According To NTC By 2022

Ghana’s Teacher Licensure Examination Will See Major Changes According To NTC By 2022

The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination for Universities and Colleges of Education has recently undergone the following changes.

New reforms on have been announced by the National Teaching’s management.

Examination for Teacher Licensure in Ghana.

The NTC claims that the changes are made to help students perform better overall on licensing exams.

NTC Sensitization For Colleges & Universities

The National Teaching Council on Monday, 5th September 2022 began a nationwide sensitization tour in all universities offering teacher education and colleges of education across the country.

NTC Reforms On GTLE

Here are the latest NTC Reforms on Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination

After meeting NTC on Monday and National Service Secretariats today, this is what they have for the level 400 teacher trainees.

  1. Reforms in the Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams: a. It will be a Subject Based-Test ie. (i) Related Pedagogy (ii) General Paper (ie, a combination of Numeracy and Literacy) (iii) Subject Based

b. It will be written online but in your various centers with a supervisor.

  1. These reforms will start in March
  2. Passinglicensure exams is now a requirement to do your national service
  3. They are considering national service to be 2 years instead of the initial1 year.
  4. The national service allowance is still not increased. However, there are considerations in increasing it.

Functions Of The NTC

Here is the list of some functions of the National Teaching Council

  • Advise the Minister:
  • . on issues relating to the professional standing and status of teachers in Ghana; and
  • ii. on the education, development, and employment of teachers;
  • conduct examination for the licensing of persons who complete teacher education programs in accredited tertiary institutions approved by the National Accreditation Board;
  • issue license to persons who pass the examination conducted by the Council by paragraph (b);
  • register teachers who satisfy the conditions for the issue of the appropriate license;

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