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Google’s new wear strategy could end up helping Samsung more


The strongest thrust of Google, although, by its Wearable platform, Wearos or simply wear, is an additional Samsung help, as well as its new acquisition, Fitbit. All this is aimed at assuming the domain of Watchos and the Apple clock.While it is difficult to predict what this means for Google Wear, the alliance could really benefit the new Galaxy Watch Samsung series. Samsung watches, which offer excellent hardware, battery life and design, were retained by Tizen with their limited applications and, sometimes, the Clunky user interface. All that is supposed to change, since wear enhanced the next generation of Samsung smart watches.With links to Google Play Store, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will now get access to Android applications such as Google Pay, YouTube Music, Gmail and Google Maps. This will increase its functionality, which was frankly necessary.The limited functionality of Galaxy ‘Premium’ watches was always frustrating, especially if you were not running it connected to a Galaxy phone. The next Galaxy Watch will continue to connect with an iPhone and Android devices, which is another advantage.The aspect of Fitbit Fitness is also exciting, since this will be a crucial part of wear. The additional data FITbit will bring that you could open new use cases for wear users. But we do not know how this will be performed.For Samsung, this change from Tizen to Wear arrives at a time when its watches have decreased to 2.9 million in the last quarter of 2020, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) research firm. In contrast, Apple Watch remains the undisputed leader in space with a two-digit growth in the same period. More importantly, there is no player in the first five, which is exclusively just making wear watches given the fragmentation of the ecosystem, similar to the state of Android.Then, Apple is clearly the brand to overcome, and Samsung seems to be in the strongest position to make a dent here. The South Korean technical giant has been much more persistent with its Galaxy watches, even if you have not tried the kind of success that Apple enjoys or what is used in other segments. It will be interesting to see if the Galaxy 4 watch with the power of wear can change that narrative.

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