H(.)t video of A Member of Parliament Caught on Camera Servicing Another Man’s Wife (watch now)

A video has gone viral showing a South African African National Congress councillor having s*xual intercourse with a ward committee at a pub.

The name and location of the business were not disclosed by the Daily Sun, but the ANC councillor was identified as Lawrence Seloane, and the lady’s name was Tshepiso Maloka.

“Ayeye!” the man could be heard saying in the middle of the s*x tape. “Etsa wena!” exclaims the narrator. (Do it for me), while the woman simply smiles back at him.)

When the leaked s*x tape was brought to the notice of the ANC Councillor, he indicated he didn’t care.
In his words,

“Anyone who believes I owe them an explanation for video material that was obtained (from a lost or stolen phone) some time ago and is making the rounds, involving myself and a female colleague, is mistaken.”

“Aowa, if this was supposed to depress my spirit as a human and as a councillor! I’m still standing as a tried-and-true ANC Youth League product.

He stated, “Neither of us has or will commit suicide for anything as natural as consensual S*xual intercourse.”

The Emfuleni municipal speaker, Maipato Tsokolibane, reacted to the leaked s*x clip by saying that the act would have been condemned if they had been children.
“These are adults in their own space,” says the narrator. We’d be outraged if these were children. We have no idea how the video was made. It’s possible that the two were dating and that someone is attempting to destroy them.

“I believe the woman is a member of the award committee. We have a code of behavior for them as well. “We’re going to look at it further,” she stated.

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