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Health Benefits of Prekese – Health


Prekese Has 9 Health Advantage;

Health Benefits of Prekese:

Prekese is a pea species to West Tropical Africa. The plant’s fruits have a strong scent that acts as an mosquito repellent.

Anti-inflammatory qualities, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are all found in the plant. It has therapeutic properties in its bark, fruits, and leaves.

The medical plant is native to Nigeria as well as other parts of Africa. Prekese is use to treat inflammation, leprosy, rheumatoid arthritis, convulsions, and other disorders.


The following are the nutritional facts for Prekese:

Aridan is extremely healthy because it is high in vital phytochemicals and nutrients for our bodies. Iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, and phenolic chemicals are also abundant.

Prekese has a dietary energy content of 200.42-390.48 g/cal, 8.44 percent-18.50 percent crude protein, and 5.98 percent-21.6 percent crude lipid.

Below is how other people call prekese;

In Ghana, we call it pr3k3s3 in Twi.
Aidan fruit is the English name for the plant.

Prekese It has soo many benefits for the body and today, we are going to learn;

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the health benefits of prekese:

9 of them that you should know about.

Health Benefits of Prekese
Health Benefits of Prekese

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  • Diabetes Management:
    Tetrapleura tetraptera is beneficial for treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a rat study. Prekese’s fruit extract help reduce blood glucose levels during fasting and non-fasting hours.
  • It works as a mosquito repellent:
    Because the plant has a strong scent, it functions as a mosquito repellant. The essential oils in prekese are responsible for their properties.
  • After-Birth Care:
    The plant pod is best in providing to postpartum mothers to prevent contractions as a soup ingredient. Calcium, iron, and potassium we term to be abundant in pods. These three elements we say are to be crucial for postpartum mothers.
  • Treatment for a high fever
    When you have a cold: Prekese is a fantastic remedy. Soaking the plant in warm water is the best way to use it. Take a bath with the infused water. This is there to reduce fever and body temperature significantly can also help to treat edema, constipation, and emetics.
  • Health Benefits of Prekese continued
  • Did you know it helps heal wounds:
    The plant’s moist extract contains wound-healing ingredients. A study conducted at a certain University found that the low concentration (200 mg/ml) is more effective than the greater dosage (200 mg/ml). As a result, using the plant’s lower concentration to cure wounds is neccessary.
  • It’s antibacterial:
    Antibacterial and microbiological agents are in the plant. The plant’s extract is use to make soap because of these qualities. Skin problems, irritation, and bacterial infections can all be treated with this soap

Prekese can also add foam, scent, and harden the soap, among other things.

Contraceptive Efficacy: The stem and bark of the prekese plant contain saponin and ethanol extract.
These qualities cause the secretion of a hormone called luteinizing hormone, which we use as a contraceptive.
Leprosy Treatment:
The aridan plant is also effective in treatment of leprosy. This is according to a study.
The condition has a significant impact on the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves, resulting in lumps and skin blemishes. Mutilation and anomalies can occur in more severe cases of leprosy.
Convulsion Management:
The stem, fruit, and leaves of the prekese helps in making herbal remedies in traditional medicine.

This may aid in the control of convulsions.
According to studies, the aqueous extract of the plant has anticonvulsant properties and affects the central nervous system.

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