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How is food waste choking the earth? How is it connected to the environment and lockdowns?


How is food waste choking the earth?

When we talk about food waste, you should think about the last meal you always throw away or imagine a hungry boy who is looking for food and finds that it is being throw it away everywhere.

Approximately 80 percent of the food waste is in bins. In which a significant portion is edible. Approximately 2000 people can be fed daily from these food bins. Out of every malnourished person, every third person is an Indian.

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the world 2020 report states that 190 million people, which is 15 percent of the population, are malnourished in India. Well, food is not only wasted at the household level but also in the various processes from production to consumption.

40 percent of the food is wasted across the globe. The Food waste Index Report 2021 says that on average 930 million tonnes of food will be wasted in 2019. In India, 70 tonnes of food is wasted. It means 50kg of food is wasted on average by every person. A huge loss of the non-renewable source of energy is also observed.



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Measures To Solve The Problem

Restaurant owners and operators should be given the authority.As chiefs are the ones who make menus, they can ensure certain things to minimize food wastage. They can make their menu as per season and remove unseasonal food. They should also take care of portion size so that no extra food will be produced.

Despite being a serious issue, food wastage is often ignored by the government and higher authorities. India is developing towards higher technology with great enthusiasm, let it be digital India or the achievements of ISRO and DRDO. Such a spirit is also required to develop policies to address the issue of food waste.

• Food preservation is also a challenge here, as some food is wasted due to inadequate preservation facilities.

Local food should be promoted to minimize food wastage during transportation. How is food waste choking the earth in this modern world?

Environmental problems
As mentioned above in the article, on average 50 percent of food is waste happens in India.

This excess food dumps on land is leading to a very serious environmental process, global warming due to the production of greenhouse gases.

Impact of Pandemic
The covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy, particularly because low-wage workers were unable to purchase food.Food goes to waste when it rots in godowns.

Although transportation of essential commodities was allowed amid lockdowns, however, poor farmers felt great difficulties getting a market for their food. One more factor which leads to food wastage is hoarding of food before lockdown, especially by the middle class.

Final Note
You must be surprised to learn about the state of food waste.In these trying times, there are thousands of people who can not afford a single meal for their families.

We need to be grateful for what we have and try to share with those who are in need. We must also promise ourselves not to waste any food and insist on others not to do the same.

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