How To Add Photos To Google Reviews For Free (5 Steps To Follow)

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Apart from being a renowned search engine, Google also allows you to list local businesses and even give reviews for them. You can share your positive or negative experience, and you can even include images to back up your Google reviews.

You can also submit images from inside and outside the business to give others a better sense of the interior and exterior of the business and to assist them in finding it if they are looking for a certain business facility.

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We’ll look at how to add photographs to Google Reviews in this article. The steps for adding photos to Google reviews are outlined below.

How To Add Photos To Google Reviews- Steps

Open Google Maps in your choice browser on your PC or Mac and look for the business you wish to review.

Select the business you’re looking for from the left sidebar once you’ve found it.

Scroll down to Write a Review on the left sidebar.

Choose your rating after you’ve finished writing your review and click the camera icon beneath the text symbol.

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Select all of the photographs you want to upload from your photo location. To upload, click the blue highlighted’select’ button.

To post your review, go to the bottom-right corner of the window and click the post button.

Finally, your images and reviews will be submitted together. Leaving a review allows others to be informed.

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