How to Delete Romwe Account in 2021

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You’ve decided that Romwe isn’t for you any more and want to delete your account? Mark spam emails in the spam bin or unsubscribe if you want to deactivate your account.


However, if you wish to remove your account for any other reason, below are some instructions on how to delete romwe account.

How to Delete Romwe Account Step by Step

Follow these steps to dele your account

Sign in to your account.

Go to ‘Account Security’ on the left side of the home page.

Click on ‘Delete Account.’

Scroll down to ‘Apply to Delete Account.’

After reading through all of the instructions, click on ‘Agreed’ and then tap on ‘Continue.’

How to Delete Romwe Account through my Email?

Want to know another side door to exist through romwe’s account and website? Here’s how to delete romwe account through email.

Log in to your Gmail account.

Write ‘Request to Delete My Account in the subject.

Compose a structured email addressing your reason to delete your account and further details needed to process the request.

Send the email out to the customer service at [email protected]

After that, you will receive the confirmation Gmail within three days.

All You Need To Know about Romwe

Romwe is an international clothing brand made for women in 2008. The brand belongs to Techstyle. It is a fashion group that uses technology to help people personalize their clothes according to their style. Romwe has now five branches in China, Dubai, California, New Jersey, and Belgium. Romwe provides a platform for emerging designers and their fresh content to inspire women all around.


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