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How To Get Udemy Courses For Free. You want to learn new skills without paying a dime on the internet? You’ve come to the correct location!


I’ll show you how to get free Udemy courses as well as how to get select expensive Udemy courses in this article.

This guide will also highlight courses that have already had Udemy coupons applied, so you can be sure you’re getting all of the free courses available.

Step 1. Go To

First and foremost, we must go to and begin searching for a specific topic or area. In this case, I’ll use the keyword “photography” to find a list of their best-selling photography courses.

This same method may be used to learn anything on Udemy, including development, business, IT, software, design, marketing, personal development, photography, and so on.

Udemy rarely advertises its free courses, which we’ll show you how to find below!

Step 2. Apply Filters To Find Free Udemy Courses

After you’ve found your preferred subject, you’ll need to add some simple filters. You may need to scroll down slightly and click on the button labeled “Filter” to accomplish this.

After that, you’ll be presented with a full variety of filters to choose from, including ratings, duration, language, topic, and price! This section will also display how many free courses are available in that category.

  1. Pick Your Free Udemy Course Of Choice!

Now that you have applied the above “Free” filter, you will then be greeted with a long list of free courses to choose from!

As you might also be able to see is that these free courses are extremely popular and have been taken by thousands of people. Not to mention they also have high ratings.

For an added bonus, these free Udemy courses have all of the same inclusions that a paid course would have. This means students get access to certificates, all on-demand videos, lifetime access, and TV/ mobile access.

So if you are hunting around for a Udemy coupon to get access to premium courses, this may be a better place to start!

Another interesting thing is that Udemy users can also find premium courses that teachers have made available for free.

This is done as instructors can get 1,000’s of reviews and more eyeballs on their class. Once they have built up a good reputation, they will then start charging money for the course. So to take advantage of this opportunity, get in early before they turn into paid courses.


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