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In this article, I am going to teach you how you can hide your Mtn number when making calls with the simple steps ever.

Have you lately received a call when the caller’s number was shown as an Unknown or private number?

If you live in Ghana and have an MTN subscription, you may easily activate this service and contact anyone you want anonymously.

Things Needed

  • An active Mtn sim card
  • A smartphone
  • At least 2 cedis airtime on our sim

Without much I do, let us all go through the steps


  • Enter and dial *1333#
  • Choose option “1” ( update pin )
  • Enter a four-digit pin. example (1234)
  • Re-enter  the pin and click to confirm

After you have to update your pin

  • Dial *1333# for the second time
  • Select option “2” to  access the Clir service
  • Select “5” Activate Clir
  • Select “1” Activate Clir
  • Select option 1 (Activate for self )
  • Enter the pin you updated

( This Pin should be your secrete pin and do not give it to anyone because they might have full control on your sim card.


NOTE:  Before proceeding with the activate Clir, make sure you have GH2.00 of airtime recharged on your Sim card since Mtn will charge you GH2.00 every month

If you’re using Android, go to Settings> Calls> Additional Settings> Hide Caller ID.

After that, your phone number will be kept secret.

Some other phones various methods, so simply check for call settings and follow them.

Thank you for reading.


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