How to read a deleted message on WhatsApp Messenger

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Everybody has sent messages that they soon wished they hadn’t. Fortunately, WhatsApp allows those risky texts to be deleted before the recipient has the How to read a WhatsApp Message that Has Been Deleted


Everyone has sent messages that they afterwards regretted. Fortunately, WhatsApp allows you to erase those potentially dangerous texts before the receiver sees them.

The bad news is that WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature isn’t ideal, and there’s a simple workaround that allows you to access messages even after the sender has deleted them.

How to read WhatsApp messages that have been erased

You may read deleted WhatsApp messages using the Notification Log app. It’s vital to realize right away that you won’t be able to access messages that were erased before the app was loaded.

The first step

To begin, download the Notification History Log app from the Google Play Store. It’s a third-party software that keeps track of all alerts and may be used for a variety of purposes other than viewing deleted texts.

You can access notifications from the app if you mistakenly clear them from the notification panel before accessing them.

Step 2:

Once the app is installed, you must grant it the required access and permissions, including access to your notifications.

The third step

Any notification that occurs on your phone will be saved in the Notification History Log app from there. They’ll show up in the app immediately and can be discovered under the ‘Advanced History’ section.

As a result, even if a message has been removed from WhatsApp, it can still be viewed using a third-party program.

The fourth step

The main drawback is that the greatest version of the software is expensive, and the free version can clutter up your phone.


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