How to send credit from MTN to MTN in Ghana

The methods for sending credit from MTN to MTN in Ghana are examined in this article.

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you desperately need airtime but your only choice is to phone a friend or relative to ask them to send you some?

This generally happens when you need credit for a crucial call but there isn’t a transfer agent nearby or when you don’t have any cash on you. Do not fear; this post will explain three different techniques to transfer credit from one MTN number to another.

How to Transfer MTN Credit Using Me2U

You must activate the service before you may send credit to others; click this link to find out how to do so.

Let’s then have a look at how MTN Me2U can be used to send credit to others.

Dial and call *170#.

Select option 3 Airtime & Bundle.

Select 1 Airtime Select option 2 Others

Enter the amount you want to send

Enter the number

Repeat the number

Enter your Mobile Money PIN to confirm.

You have successfully transfer credit valued at the amount you typed into the number.

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