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‘I cover myself in the blood of Jesus,’ a young man exclaims after using a large amount of marijuana (Watch)


After a hangover from extensive smoking the day before, a young man lost control and was seen ranting violently.

According to the rumors around this story, the man consumed synthetic cannabis, a powerful street drug known as “Colorado” or “Black Mamba,” after which he was recorded on camera exclaiming, “I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.”

It’s one of the forbidden chemical strains that drug addicts and unsuspecting newcomers try with in Lagos, which, according to the UN’s 2018 drug usage statistics, has a high prevalence of psychotropic substance use.

Colorado is a new psychoactive drug cocktail that is currently popular among Nigeria’s youthful partygoers, particularly teenagers and adolescents.

According to the UN research, drug addiction is prevalent between 21 and 33 percent in Lagos, Gombe, and Oyo states, compared to the rest of the country. According to the UN report, the average daily cannabis spending is $1.15, which equates to N417.45 per user.

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