Home HEALTH & LIFESTYLE In Tema West, Bird Flu kills 6,046 poultry birds.

In Tema West, Bird Flu kills 6,046 poultry birds.

In Tema West, Bird Flu kills 6,046 poultry birds.

In the Tema West Municipality, a total of 6,046 poultry birds have died as a result of Avian Influenza (A-H5N1), a particularly deadly zoonotic avian flu strain.

Only 6,046 birds died out of a total of 10,576 in eight impacted ranches, whereas 4,530 were eliminated; Dr. Emmanuel Kwao Pecku, Tema West Municipal Veterinary Officer, revealed the news to the media on Thursday.

He estimated that 1,290 people died in Lashibi and Klagon, where the biggest cases were documented on July 8, 2021, and that 300 people died in Klogon.

Similarly, 60 birds died in Sakumono, while 650 birds died at the Klagon Water Works, with 40 of them biting the dust and 610 of them annihilated as of July 29, 2021.


“At the Lashibi DRC Swimming Pool, 606 birds died and 29 were obliterated,” he added, adding that at the Livestock Farm, where the most notable passings of 3,539 birds were reported, 3,461 of them were obliterated to prevent further virus transmission.

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“As of August 4, 2021, Sakumono Community 16 had recorded 190 passings, with 10 of these birds being demolished, while Tema Community 19 – Lashibi had documented 320 passings, with 120 of them being obliterated as well.”

He added the disease’s possible normal source had been traced to a feed plant near Ashaiman Timber Market, and that it occurred during a spike in Influenza-like illness in the municipality.

He advised homestead owners to enlist the assistance of veterinarians and environmental health personnel to assist them in properly annihilating and covering birds to prevent the spread of influenza.

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He added that information from persons, locations, and time had been acquired as part of the epidemiological investigation, and that lab tests had also been directed, and that bird enslavement and fumigation of impacted ranches had been finished.

Isaac Takyi Abrefa, the Tema West Municipal Disease Control Officer, informed the Ghana News Agency that an epidemiological investigation of the situation, which included information collection, revealed that there were between 18 and 20 probable human cases.

He stated that all sources of contamination would be confirmed, and that flare-up examination among individuals would continue unabated as assets and social activation for potential human episodes, as well as quick reaction evaluation, planning, and case the board.


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