Interesting “Black Rose” visuals from Boni Faas

Boni Faas

Interesting “Black Rose” visuals from Boni Faas

The official video for “Black Rose” by Boni Faas, a Sint Maarten artist signed to Universal Music Africa, has been made available.

Even though the musician has been classified as an (Afro-Pop) artist, that hasn’t stopped him from experimenting with various musical genres to enrich his work. He doesn’t want to be constrained to the music industry, after all. He has always loved R&B and hip-hop music. Boni’s culture is hip-hop, which he grew up listening to.

Boni Faas said in regards to Black Rose, “I compose “Black Rose” four years ago when I find myself stuck in a dark world and can’t see the light. Painful and frail, I feel like this person is holding me hostage, as if there is no future for me. All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to reach out and give me a “Black Rose” to save me from this DARK WORLD. I don’t want to pass away without discovering my true calling in life. Please Offer Your Assistance!

We all have a demon within us that influences our thoughts to make poor choices that we will later regret.

There is still room for hope, happiness, and living beyond merely surviving in our sometimes torn-apart world full of obstacles and struggles, all as depicted by the black rose, which is my deep message in “Black Rose.”

The recent song “Tik Tok pon it” by the musician was well received by music listeners. This hip-hop/R&B music makes a great “first impression” on me after listening to the lyrics, which describe the tale of the Devil of the World and the black rose in an imaginative and well-thought-out manner. The picture portraying this horrifying sight and my ability to provide such a riveting one-on-one performance both work wonderfully.

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