Jesus Ahoufe reveals what he and Shatta Wale discussed In a police van on their way to court

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Shatta Wale and Prophet Stephen Kwesi Appiah, also known as Jesus Ahoufe, are not adversaries, despite what many people believe based on recent events between the two.


The dancehall performer would be killed on October 18, according to the prophet. His prophecy provoked a backlash, resulting in Shatta Wale staging a gun attack on the same day and getting detained.

Shatta Wale’s publicist, Nana Dope, reported on social media that the musician had been shot and was being treated at the hospital, prompting Jesus Ahoufe’s arrest.

Shatta Wale would eventually go on a tirade, accusing pastors of putting his life in jeopardy by revealing such prophecies.

The hullabaloo appears to be calming now that the two have been released, as Jesus Ahoufe thinks some form of camaraderie is brewing between him and Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale informed Jesus Ahoufe in an Adom FM broadcast that they will be buddies after their court case when they were being escorted to the court in a police van.

“When we were going to court and he saw me in the police van, he recognised me and told me we will be friends after the court case. That’s what he told me,” he said.

“I am praying for him, and I know by God’s grace he will not be imprisoned. God is capable of everything so I know it [jail term] will not come to pass,” he added.


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