Man Commits Suicide On High Voltage GRIDCo Transmission Line Over High Economic Conditions At Kasoa [video]

A young man believed to be in his 20s has taken his life on Friday, 14th October, 2022, afternoon at Kasoa in the Central region.

He is said to have climbed the high voltage transmission line pylon at Galilea in Kasoa.

In a recorded video of the man who climbed a utility steel pole, some bystanders were were cautioning him of the impending danger whilst others urged him to carry on with whatever purpose he sought to achieve.

After stretching his feet to the live cables on the pole, he got electrocuted and fell dead.

Even though the cause of his suicide has not been established, but according to some eyewitnesses, he took his life as a result of the hard economic conditions.

Whilst others were wailing over the misfortune, some voices heard in the video were worried the incident was going to deny them power to sleep tonight.

The body has since been conveyed to the morgue.

GRIDCo owns and operates a network of transmission systems for the distribution of bulk electric power in Ghana, consisting of about 3,670 circuit-kilometers of the 161 kV transmission lines and 34 High Voltage/Medium Voltage substations.

Watch him in the video below:

Man dies after climbing a high-tension pole at
Kasoa over hardship in Ghana

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