A woman named Laureta has been apprehended for allegedly murdering a money manager named Chukwuemeka.

Ckukwuemeka was identified as Laureta’s generous patron who supported her lavish lifestyle.

According to accounts, she killed him in his chamber and then vanished with N7 million and his Mercedes.

On Wednesday, August 4, she was apprehended after authorities tracked down the missing vehicle and apprehended her.


The homicide was discovered by Chukwuemeka’s business colleagues, who ordered a search for him after he went missing for three days.

His room was searched when he was discovered in a pool of blood on his bed, revealing that his Benz, archives, and other items had been removed.

Police tracked down the stolen vehicle and were led to a hotel where Laureta was “found chilling.”

She has been sent from the Ewet lodging police station to the State’s Criminal Investigation Division, where she will be thoroughly probed.

Despite her silence on the reasons for the crime, she admitted to the homicide and burglary during her interrogation.


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