Moesha Is Thankful To Be Alive Because What Happened To Her Is Unfathomable | Diamond Appiah says

Diamond Appiah claims to be well-informed about the developments in the life of Moesha, the former CEO of the Ghana Slay Queens Association.

Diamond Appiah, a failed artist turned politician, is attempting to capitalize on the Moesha tale for political gain.

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As a result, she has called on all of Ghana’s big men of God to join together and pray for Moesha’s recovery..
“I shall implore all the powerful men of God in the country to remember our lovely Sister Moesha in their prayers, for what has happened to her is beyond human comprehension,” she wrote.

According to Diamond’s best knowledge, Moesha was on the verge of death if not for God’s intervention, as what occurred to her is beyond human comprehension.

“It is only by God’s grace that she is still alive today following the catastrophe.

“All the attention seekers who are manufacturing stories about her predicament should stop because if what happened to her had occurred to you, you wouldn’t have survived.

“Let us all remember her in our prayers as we work to get her the assistance she requires. All of you are blessed.

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