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Money Heist Season 5 Full Episode


Money Heist 5 first impression: In an explosive season, women are in charge.

Part one of Money Heist season 5 begins at a blazing pace. It’s fast-paced, thrilling, and surprising. The Netflix show’s last season is going to be explosive if the next episodes retain the same pace.

A year is a long time – long enough for a feared epidemic to develop lethal mutations and for regimes to rise and fall. However, in the world of Money Heist, time has not only slowed, but has also appeared to be frozen.

The shots that were fired in season 4 of the Spanish show are now reaching their targets. The Netflix show, however, more than makes up for the wait by providing a lethal dose of comedy.

The sultry red gang dives right into the action and doesn’t let up. You had best be ready for the journey because they aren’t going to make things easy for you. It’s all systems go, baby.
Inspector Alicia Sierra captures The Professor from his hiding in the first episode, shortly after Lisbon’s entry into the Bank of Spain.
The group is still grieving the loss of Nairobi, one of its closest and most trusted members, so why should news of The Professor being tormented by Alicia upset their spirits? These guys, on the other hand, have been well-trained and are out for retribution.

Though the first two episodes don’t reveal much about Alicia’s motivation for going after the master planner (one can only speculate), we may expect some major discoveries in the future. The fact that women receive a larger share of the series’ pie is well known. Lisbon, or “Mrs Professor,” is now in charge. In fact, after viewing the first few episodes, I only recall the show’s female characters: Lisbon, Tokyo, Stockholm, Manila, and, of course, Alicia Sierra.

Money heist season 5 full episode

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