Most Storey Buildings in Ghana Are Standing Only by the Grace of God – Engineer Raises Alert

A materials engineer, Abdulai Mahama, has raised an alarm about the low structural integrity of most buildings in the country.

According to him, many of the buildings in the country are only standing by the grace of God, and not because they have been professionally constructed.

“A lot of our storey buildings are standing by grace, not by engineering. The structural integrities of a lot of buildings in this country is questionable,” he stated in an earlier Facebook post.
Providing further explanations to all that he said in his earlier video, Abdulai Mahama made another post on Twitter to elaborate.
He explained that from his studies of many years, he is yet to find any building that passes the test for structural integrity in the country.

“Doctors have told us that before you get proper treatment, you have to be diagnosed so that you are given the right medication but sadly, when it comes to construction, almost all professionals: bankers, doctors, nurses, soldiers, police officers, financial bank rollers, businessmen, whatever, they all fall on the quack professionals like the masons, the artisans to do the designs and constructions for them.

“Meanwhile, this is where you’re sinking a lot of your money and then when there are problems at the end of the construction, then they now look for we the professionals to come and remedy the situation for them.

“I’ve done a lot of structural integrity in Ghana and so far, none of them has actually passed. And it’s sad that you’re spending so much money and you’re not getting value for money construction for your buildings,” he clarified.

Watch the full video below:


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