NPP’s PK Sarpong Says Joy FM/JoyNews and TV3 are Major Contributors to the Cedi’s Depreciation.

P.K Sarpong, a popular writer for the ruling NPP, has stated that Joy FM/JoyNews and TV3 are key attributes to the local currency’s depreciation. He went on to say that they are always speculating.
In a series of posts uploaded on his official Facebook page on Monday, 24th October 2022, he stated that there is no denying that the local currency is groaning under speculative pressures, a factor that leads to the cedi’s sharp slide versus the dollar.
“For their own selfish purposes, certain media outlets have opted to add additional fuel to the already raging flames of bad reporting.
Joy FM, JoyNews, and TV3 have all become willing participants in this harmful speculative phenomena. These media channels are almost certainly wailing dirges for the cedi and urging people to chase after the dollar.” PK Sarpong made a statement.

He claimed that those media outlets have been disseminating negative propaganda about the cedi on a regular basis, constantly declaring bogus yet absurd prices of the cedi versus the US dollar.

They enjoy making the cedi seem bad in the eyes of investors. They appear to have nothing to talk about on their radios other than the cedi.

“We realize that this is part of Joy FM/JoyNews’ regime-changing strategies, but they forget that the health of the cedi impacts all Ghanaians, including themselves and their family members, not only those in government or NPP members.” He continued.
P.K Sarpong stated that the less spoken about TV3 the better. To them, it’s all about getting this government out of the way so that their preferred NDC can take over. They also tend to overlook the essential issue of what an NDC administration could accomplish in a scenario like ours.

TV3 is acting like a reserve player, hoping that the one on the field gets hurt so that he may fill in. They are the state’s genuine adversaries.

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