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Opamabour will be prosecuted for broadcasting This on live television (Details)


The Ghana Film Classification Committee (FCC) has requested all of its in-house content, including the pornographic content he presented weeks earlier with classification documentation, from Prophet 1 alias Opambour, a well-known man of God.

This comes after he posted sexually graphic content on his privately owned radio station a few weeks ago as a precursor to a sermon he was about to deliver.

The video, which was actually retrieved from a Nigerian pono hub, showed a male actor dressed as a fetish priest and was ready to get down on the fema, as reported by www.hotghnews.com when the incident popped up.

Opambour, who was preaching against the schemes used by fetish priests, particularly those who go about sleeping with their clientele, wanted to utilize the film to explain his sermon and give the message a lot more weight.

He ordered his producers to suspend the programming and swiftly pull the plugs just as it was about to go down. Of course, he sprinkled his customary wit throughout the lecture.

His actions, on the other hand, have not impressed the regulatory body, which has chastised him for the infraction.

Read the complete statement from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) below:

” The Film Classification Committee (FCC) of the National Film Authority has sighted pornographic content being shown on Prophet One TV.

In this content, Ebenezer Adarkwa-Yiadom also known as Prophet Opambour played a TV host recounting a sexual incident between a fetish priest (male) and a woman purported to be his client.

This content depicts patently lewd sensual scenes perceived by the FCC as inappropriate for free to air television

The FCC has publicly announced that all audiovisual content must be classified before the exhibition. In furtherance to this, all broadcasting channels have been directed to classify in-house content according to the film classification criteria given.

The FCC is requesting the management of Prophet One TV to provide the National Film Authority with the classification documents for all its in-house content including the pornographic content shown, by the close of day on 10th September 2021.

Kindly note that anyone who fails to comply with the film classification rules shall be subject to the Offences and Penalties in Section 27 and Forfeiture of Equipment in Section 28 of the Development and Classification of Film Act 935. “

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