Home NEWS Has Pandemic taken a toll on your mental health? Fix it now.

Has Pandemic taken a toll on your mental health? Fix it now.

Pandemic took toll on your mental health? This are easy step to take

Pandemic has affected about 3500 people mental health across the globe these forced a lot of principals to close down their school this recent time


Pandemic took toll on your mental health? This are easy step to take
Has Pandemic taken a toll on your mental health?

These are questions to ask yourself when it comes to the pandemic and mental health

When was the last time you went to your college or your school?

When was the last time you saw your teacher teaching you physically in front of you?

Are you getting imaginations reading these questions?


Are you seriously missing them?

Well, if yes then I regret to inform you that your life has almost been on a halt for a long time now.

We all know why is it, the great pandemic that just changed our lives.

Can somebody even imagine thinking that a virus, a mere virus could make such a drastic change in our lives?

I would have never been able to imagine that. With the pandemic making its way to people in march 2020, everything was controllable. Also read about study online 

Staying at home all the time not seeing others, spending time with the family, watching movies, binge-watching Netflix, was all chill in the starting.

As things got pretty worse one major thing people started noticing was that this pandemic was affecting their mental health.

Now firstly understand what I mean by mental health because obviously, people misunderstand this concept very commonly.

Mental health is a sense of calmness in your mind wherein you don’t feel that something is wrong with you until and unless you are a hypochondriac.

I feel the same after five to six months of the pandemic and it kind of leaving me with a lot of questions in my head that are still not with solutions.

Also felt indifferent and I am still unable to express myself completely as of what I had gone through during those days.

Thought of not saying I am completely fine now but a lot much better as I write this.

obviously can open up and accept things, that is one way to calm yourself down on days when you don’t feel good or feel like crying.

This pandemic is proving a lot harsher not just to those who have lost someone or might have but also to the ones who are staying at home.

With the passing time, new variants and side effects of medicines like Black and White fungus are leaving people with more.

More depressed minds and they fear a lot that they may lose their loved ones.

Many of us are not even able to feed our families properly, they are struggling financially.

I don’t wish to comment on the government and what they are doing but the situation is actually expected to go worse.

this pandemic truly proved that our country’s health infrastructure is not compatible enough and things need improvement.

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Keeping this aside, mental health which was never given a priority in many countries household has made them realize how important it is.

This pandemic made the humans realize something that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

We’ve seen people running after money, spending on luxury, paying heed to what’s on social media, criticizing others,

To end with, what one should ponder on is what mattered in these tough times was always your health. You always have to adopt the behavior of keeping yourself healthy especially mentally is one of the toughest things in this pandemic!


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