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Pere’s management reacts to the Whitemoney controversy on BBNaija.


Pere, the social media handler of one of the Big Brother Naija housemates, has spoken out about yesterday night’s incident, claiming that Pere just approached Whitemoney and did not bully him.

Pere leaned up close to Whitemoney, pulled his belt tighter, and constantly demanded to know what had been said about him.

Other housemates warned Whitemoney not to say anything more, but Pere’s insistence escalated the situation, and Whitemoney erupted, resulting in a heated altercation between the two sides.

Remember how Whitemoney and Pere got into an argument on Monday night after Pere confronted Whitemoney and demanded to know what he said to Angel during a game?

In response to the outcry, Pere’s team issued a statement on his official Instagram page, claiming that his behavior with Whitemoney was in no way bullying.

Viewers and housemates have subsequently slammed Pere’s behavior, with Biggie issuing him a strike for allegedly bullying Whitemoney.

Because to his bravado, Pere is the most underestimated and misrepresented figure in the house, according to the management.

They asked viewers not to choose sides and to follow a story that was convenient for them.

“The events of the last 24 hours have sparked mixed emotions, with a lot of people expressing their displeasures and dislikes,” the statement stated. Bullying in any form is unacceptable for any cause, and we do not condone or tolerate it.”

“We do, however, wish to use this platform to clarify that, while Pere’s acts were unsettling to observe, they were in no way bullying.”

“Due to the intricacies and chutzpah of his nature, he is without a doubt the most misinterpreted and misrepresented character. He has no fear of making a mistake, falling, or being misjudged. He exudes an overwhelming sense of assurance.”

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