Pogba wants to stop playing football.

Pogba was sobbing, “I don’t want to play football anymore,” said a friend.

Paul Pogba, a midfielder for Juventus, allegedly thought about giving up football during the height of an extortion attempt against him.

According to a close friend of his named Boubacar Camara, Pogba struggled to deal with purported threats made by armed men who demanded money they claimed to be owed.

Camara was informed by the JDD: “He had difficulty communicating before telling me that hooded men carrying weapons had robbed him and my younger brother.

“These people tell him that they have provided him with safety for thirteen years, but now they want payment, so they demand 13 million euros. Paul said: “How do you expect me to give him this amount, I don’t want to play football anymore, I want to disappear,” to me at that time.

“Paul was in tears. I instructed him to cool off. I don’t know who he called. He feared about his wife, his kids, and his entire family.”

Mathias, the elder brother of Pogba, is currently being detained as French officials look into the situation.

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