Prostitute Fights Popular Man Publicly; Tears His Jeans For Breach Of Agreement

Prostitution is a job that is looked down upon by a majority of people in our society yet prostitutes have a lot of customers.

There are examples of some prostitutes who have made it in life because of the money they receive after the services they render to men.

Social media is on fire after a video surfaced showing a middle aged man and a prostitute fighting because of breach agreement.

The prostitute who could be seen talking was asking the man to pay her an amount of money after delivering her services.

According to the story, the lady warmed the bed of the man with a promise to receive some cash but the man did not want to fulfill his part of the agreement.

The struggle between the prostitute and the man resulted in the man’s trousers getting torn and even exposing his manhood.

This bizarre situation drew the attention of many people to the pair.

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