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Reasons Why Instructional Media Is Of Need In The Teaching And Learning Proccess


Teaching materials or instructional media are the content or information conveyed in the course. These include lectures, lectures, textbooks, multimedia components, and other course resources.
These materials can be used in face-to-face classrooms or online; however, some need to be modified or redesigned to be effective in the online environment.

The best teaching materials are aligned with all other elements of the curriculum, including learning objectives, assessments, and activities.

Because it is important?


Teaching materials provide basic information that students will experience, learn, and apply in the course. They can attract or discourage students.


This is especially true for online courses, which are based on a comprehensive and thoughtful collection of teaching materials that students will access, explore, absorb and refer to during the learning process.

Materials must be carefully planned, selected, and planned. Organize, improve and use in the curriculum to achieve maximum effect.
The planning and selection of teaching materials must take into account the breadth and depth of the content to optimize students learning.
The textbook supports the learning content allows students to participate in the application of concepts and provides opportunities for evaluation.

They were developed to promote students’ understanding.
Provide facts and information These materials provide a wealth of knowledge on all topics and provide detailed information based on facts.
It also provides students with background knowledge of these topics and how these topics relate to other relevant information about the topic.

These materials provide a starting point for learning new information.
Attract and teach students Teaching materials to allow teachers to engage students by supporting concepts using multimedia (including sound clips, videos, images, hands-on experiences, and interactive games). Because there are different types of learners, such as auditory and visual learners, these materials are presented in different ways to help cover all learners.

Teaching Concepts

These materials provide students with opportunities to practice concepts and develop products to demonstrate their level of understanding.

When learning new things, it is important to listen to examples and apply the knowledge directly.
Teaching materials provide sample questions and answers, as well as various examples to help consolidate the new information in students’ minds.

Evaluate knowledge, Therefore, these products are used to evaluate the knowledge of students.
Teaching materials allow teachers to support students of different skill levels and basic skills by providing additional support. These materials include quizzes and exams.

The importance of traditional teaching materials

The traditional and long-term source of teaching materials is textbooks.

These textbooks are published by large companies and provide a set of peer-reviewed and teacher-approved information and guides for learning certain topics.

The importance of modern educational materials

In addition to traditional textbooks: the demand and consumption of electronic products continue to increase textbooks.

In addition, major publications including professional journals provide electronic access to your research and research articles.
These electronic materials are easy to update and provide more convenient access for students.

Effective use of teaching materials For teachers:

Choosing the right teaching materials is the key to the success of the course.
Although textbooks are useful, the information needs to be supplemented by other relevant materials.
In addition, not all educational materials are the same.
Some are clearer than others, while others move at different speeds. Choose the course that best suits the level of the course.

For students

Effective use of teaching materials means a good understanding of how to read and review information.

The best way to use these materials is to preview them in preparation for class and review them with notes later.

In addition, if any concepts are not clear, please ask the instructor for supplementary sources of information or search on your own.
Disadvantages of textbooks: textbooks are very important and can provide guidance and reference for learning new topics.

However, it is not enough to teach students effectively.
It must be accompanied by a good teacher who can develop materials. In addition, the material must be viewed critically.
All written materials are created from a specific perspective, so questioning information and conducting research is the best way to understand new topics.


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