Show greater commitment to a majority rule system, states urged

Show greater commitment to a majority rule system, states urged

Show greater commitment to a majority rule system, states urged

Teacher Henry Kwasi Prempeh, Chief, Place for Majority rule Improvement (CDD), says most West Africans understand the left-based system because some legislatures and pioneers shun constitutions to mishandle power.

He asked the West African Pioneers and Common Society Associations (CSOs) to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the vote-based system in the sub-district and were not satisfied with the “meager” achievements made in the training.

Teacher Prempeh offered these comments without taking part in the dispatch of the majority government Fortitude Organization (WADEMOS) in West Africa and the Gathering on Counting Dangers to A in the West Africa voting system.

WADEMOS is a network of ordinary society determined to strengthen and protect the majority rule government in West Africa.

In addition, dispatch day means the recognition of the system based on the global day of voting by the United Nations.

Teacher Prempeh expressed that a larger part of the population needs more from a majority government, and not just in this vote and race mix.

According to him, the vast majority of them felt sold out because of the undemocratic actions of some state administrations and pioneers.

He subsequently asked the West African pioneers to maintain the standards of a system based on voting and propriety, including permanent residence in office.

Teacher Prempeh, who is also the Venture Head of WADEMOS, said the organization expects to gather and arrange precincts’ support for the CSO’s majority rule system to help overcome voting-based difficulties.

He aimed to complement the created states and local associations in this way.

Dr. Abdel Fatau Musah, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Representative on Political Affairs, Harmony, and Security, said civil society organizations play a fundamental role in joint efforts with local authorities to support majority rule.

“We accept that the organization can stand up in building cooperative energies and function as watchdogs in individual states,” he added.

He focused on ECOWAS continuing to strengthen harmony and security in the region with the help of its partners.

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