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The Ghana Card To Take Place Of The SSNIT ID Number Starting From Today


From today, the unique Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) number will be the National Identification Card. This comes after the State Pension Trust decided to start the process of combining the two numbers, as required by law.

Contributors to the SSNIT who have not yet registered to merge their numbers will have until December 2021 to do so. SSNIT will only accept the Ghana Card as a unique identifier for processing benefits and contributions for new users.

SSNIT’s plan means that starting January 1, 2022, SSNIT contributors will no longer utilise their scheme numbers and will instead use the Ghana Card to conduct all transactions.

Afua Amankwa Sarkodie, SSNIT’s Corporate Affairs Manager, said the merger will benefit members by allowing them to utilise a single card for all transactions.

“Members’ NIA numbers will be converted to SSNIT numbers. Our members would benefit greatly from the merger since they will be able to use only one card, the Ghana Card, for all transactions,” she said.

“Members do not need to carry two separate cards for transactions with the trust and other transactions when it comes to other transactions,” she added.

“This move to the use of the Ghana Card also fits in nicely with our aim to increase the simplicity with which our members and clients do business with us,” She added. For the merger of the two cards, two systems have been launched, and she encouraged members to utilise a short code and the SSNIT website.

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