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The green Pixel 5 is rumored to have a new Chromecast with Google TV gui.


In the wake of spilling details toward the beginning of this current week, Data World Tech presently has an image of the supposed Pixel 5 in green. Contrasted with most of past Google telephones choosing a lighter tone — Scarcely Blue Pixel 2, Not Pink Pixel 3, and Purple-ish Pixel 3a, this shading variation is fairly hazier. It stands out pleasantly from the dark screen bezel in advance.

The dull green envelops the whole back case, unique mark sensor, sides, and volume rocker, while the lock button is dark, alongside the Google logo at the lower part of the gadget. Our gander at the packaging is given by a second picture that shows the whole group of gadgets that Google is declaring one week from now.

It gives another gander at the Google television. This recently spilled in June, yet this ought to be the last plan. There is “Google television” marking in the upper left corner, while there are the accompanying tabs: Search (total with Aide logo), As far as you might be concerned, Live, Motion pictures, Shows, Applications, and Library.

Your profile picture shows up in the upper right corner, while “For you” seems to be the default homescreen. The foundation picture is given by a “Google television Staff Pick” and incorporates the help it’s from, show name, and portrayal. That top merry go round highlights five substance ideas. There are segments for “Top picks” and “Your applications” underneath.

Somewhere else, we see the Google Chromecast Voice Distant on the table, and a Home Sound — both in white.

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