The Option To Modify Tweets May Debut Soon On Twitter

Over a decade has passed since Twitter users were permitted to edit their tweets.

The first edited tweet indicates that the eagerly awaited Edit button is nearly ready for deployment. via Smarttechvillas report.

Twitter has not announced when the edit button will be ready, but the most recent tweet provides a preview of how it may operate.

As seen in the example tweet above, the time and date of the “Last Modified” section will be displayed at the bottom of an amended tweet. If a user hits this link, they will be able to read the modification history of the tweet.

It is currently unknown how many revisions the new functionality will handle or how well it will track version history. Similarly, it is unknown whether users will be able to conceal the revision history of their tweets.

In any case, Twitter Blue users will have access to the edit button first once it becomes available. The latter is a monthly premium subscription that unlocks exclusive Twitter features for the most active users. First of all, not everyone will be able to edit their tweets because the service is only available in a few countries right now.

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